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Megapower Solar offers you a free solar consultation to access the solar power for your home or business and provides you with the entire project estimate. We can design a solar system that will meet your energy need and financial balance.

While designing any solar system, we have to consider 3 parameters

i. What is your load? (You have to be very specific while deciding the load as very heavy load is not recommended to run on Solar power as project cost increases.)

ii. How many hours you wanted to run that load on Solar?

iii. What is your location?

Sn Item Wattage Consumption Quantity Hours usage
1 Tube light (ordinary choke) 40W 3 4
2 CFLs 11W 5 6
3 CFLs 18W 9 3
5 Fan ceiling 75W 2 12
6 Fan ceiling 75W 5 3
7 Street Lights with CFL 24W 10 12
On the basis of above information, all other parameters will be decided like Sizing of solar panel, Solar panel capacity, Selection of MPPT charge controller, Inverter capacity, Cables, Panel mounting structure angles, Installation process.
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