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Solar Power Packs

Brief Working Principle:

A “grid-tie SPV system” (sometimes referred as utility/grid interactive or On-Grid) is the one working in synchronization with EB grid and pushing electricity into the grid. That result in net energy drawn from the grid is reduced to an extent of solar PV energy generation. This is the simplest and most cost effective PV design for most of the sites where power is reliable and stable. Because of the very fact that these systems are tied into the grid, it follows the safety feature of disconnecting the system from the grid when grid goes down. The system does not provide backup power during a power cuts (even if the sun is shining). But for the sites with reliable grid power and the day time usage are high, this is usually logical and economically viable system choice. Additionally, the can be synchronized with DG when the load is higher than the PV generation.

Typical Single Line diagram PV grid-tie system with monitoring:
A solar Power Pack is a small capacity, stand-alone SPV power system based on a PV array, connected to a battery bank and an inverter of appropriate size. This system is designed to supply power to limited loads (such as lights and fans) for a period of two to three hours daily (or as per the requirement) in situations such as conventional power failure or load-shedding. These solar generators are mainly meant to replace the conventional small-capacity petrol-based generators that are used during routine load-shedding periods in urban areas by shops, clinics, and other small establishments.
The components of a typical solar generator are a small SPV array connected to a battery bank of appropriate size and an inverter based on 12, 24, or 48 V. The system is designed to supply power to loads such as lights, fans, credit-card operating machines, and personal computers for a period of two to three hours.
Hybrid solar power pack is nothing but just the combination of ON-grid and Off-grid solar power pack.

In Hybrid solar power pack client facilitate with many options.

PCU: In this mode, load run on SPV and Battery. At a certain voltage level of battery, load transfer on Grid. Grid charger connects only when battery is moving towards low otherwise battery is not charge with grid, It will only charge with SPV.

Here we can set priorities of operation like Solar/ Battery/ Grid.

Hybrid Mode: If grid is available then load shoft on grid and charger connect with grid. At the same time, if solar radiation is present then charging current is shared by SPV & Grid and gives priority to SPV for charging. If grid is not present then load will run on SPV and Battery.

Priorities: Load- GRID/SOLAR/Battery
Charging- Solar/ Grid/ Batterry

SMART MODE- Automatic selection of PCU and Hybrid mode

Priority: Day time- Solar/grid/battery or solar/battery/grid
Night Time- Grid/ Battery
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