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Solar Water Heater
Non - pressure solar water heater
Non-pressure solar water heater is a kind of compact system of solar collector and water storage tank. The whole system relies on the different density of cold water and hot water, thus Non-pressure solar water heater also called thermo-siphon solar water heater. The system can work without the circulation pump and no heat pipe connection. Cold water directly filled into the vacuum tubes, the vacuum tubes gather energy and heat the cold water, the lighter hot water tank and cold water come down then be reheated.
That is how the water does circulation by itself. Please see (fig.1) for its working principle. Non-pressure solar water heater system is most economical and suitable product for low latitude countries and regions, especially for Asian, India, Africa, Oceania, South America and South part of North America. Optional accessories: controller and electrical heater.

Product information:

  1. Product model: i. ECO; ii. AT; iii. EVERHOT
  2. Vacuum tube: Ø47-1500mm, Ø58-1800mm co-axial structure high borosilicate 3.3 glass vacuum tube.
  3. Inner tank material: SS304 L (Low Carbon)-2B (Food Grade)Stainless Steel (SAIL/ JINDAL make only)
  4. Outer tank material: Color powder coating steel / Stainless steel/ Precoated Galvanized (JINDAL/ UTTAM GALVA).
  5. Frame : Galvanized steel plate with thickness of 1.5mm; MS powder coated 1.5mm thickness.
  6. Frame angle : 250, 380 or 450
  7. Capacity of water tank: 98L ~ 288L.
  8. Heat preservation layer: high pressure automatic polyurethane foaming layer with thickness of 50mm to 55mm.
  9. Heat preservation : 72 hours.
  10. Hailstone resistance: Dia≤25mm.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF Three – target all – glass vacuum tube

The vacuum tube is the core component of the solar water heater. Its performance is depends on the merits of the film coating technology. Our company using the new gradient coating technology produce three- target vacuum tube and it let the heat gain more than 4%. Increasing intelligent automatic cut Road equipment to ensure the pipe accurately: The reverse osmosis deionized water equipment to protect the inner tube highly clean and control the vacuum process technology to ensure the high vacuum tube collector efficiency and resistance to attenuation performance. Three target coating process, the absorption layer with unique stainless steel aluminum nitride, ultra-pure copper mirror as reflective layer.

The production of three-target vacuum tube has three major advantages:

  1. High temperature resistant absorption layer special stainless steel aluminum nitride,
  2. resistance to high temperature can reach 5000C.
  3. film does not fall off, not aging.
Resistance to cold ultra pure copper emission mirror, low reflection, heat loss is small, cold environment set thermal effect is good, so have hot water.
Efficient absorption high absorption ratio 96%,reflectance is reduced by 65% and heat gain increased by 4% water temperature is higher, more hot water.
Suitable model: ordinary solar energy water heater (see picture), project heater solar energy water heater (see picture)
Three-target vacuum tube performance and specification :
Tube structure All-glass double dock co-axial structure
Glass material High borosilicate 3.3 glass
Outer tube diameter
and glass thickness
Φ47±0.7mm:Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm
Φ58±0.7mm:Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm
Φ70±0.7mm:Glass thickness 2.0±0.15mm
Inner tube diameter
and glass thickness
Φ37±0.7mm:Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm
Φ47±0.7mm:Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm
Φ58±0.7mm:Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm
Tube length 800mm, 1200mm, 1500mm,1600mm, 1800mm, 1900mm, 2000mm, 2100mm etc
Absorption coating property Coating material CU/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN
Sediment method Three Target magnetron sputtering plation
Absorptivity Absorptivity: a =0.92~0.96(AM1.5)
Emission ratio Emission: ε=0.04~0.06(800C± 50C)
Vacuum degree P≤5.0 × 10-3 (PA)
Stagnation temperature (temperature inside of empty evacuated tubes) 260~3000C
Average heat loss ULT0.4~0.6W/(m2* 0C)
Hail resistance Φ25mm
Pressure-endure 1MPa
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Integrated and pressurized solar water heater
Integrated and pressurized solar water heater is also called “Pre-heat and pressurized solar water heater.” It’s a new product of us. The whole system combines the advantages of Non-pressure solar water heater and Separated pressurized solar water heater together. The system is put a copper coil inside the Non-pressure solar water heater water tank. There is a pressure exists in the copper coil, the hot water inside the water tank play the role as hot resource.
This product improves the problems of traditional solar water heater as limited hot water volume, long heat time, few out water, the worse water quality. The “twice heat exchange “technology makes the high temperature, high efficiency and fast hot water circulation come true.
The vacuum tube collector absorbs heat energy to heat the water in the storage tank, when opening the valve, cold water flow through the inlet and then to the copper coil, the hot water in the water tank do heat exchange via copper coil with the cold water, when cold water flow through the copper coil, Its temperature been raised gradually, finally the outlet water is hot water (the temperature may be ≤ 50C lower than the hot water in the water tank)The copper coil can bear the pressure of the pressure of the running water.

Product information

  • Product model: PR-EVERHOT
  • Inner tank material: food grade SS304 L (Low Carbon)-2B(Food Grade) (SAIL / JINDAL make only.)
  • Outer tank material: Color powder coating steel / Stainless steel/ Precoated Galvanized (JINDAL/ UTTAM GALVA).
  • Vacuum tube: Ø58-1800mm/Ø58-2000mm vacuum tube.
  • Assistant tank: 5L,7L,10L,12L.
  • Recommend copper coil length: 200L and 300L for 35m.
  • Frame: Galvanized steel plate with thickness of 1.5mm; MS powder coated 1.5mm thickness Optional angle of frame: 38*/45*
  • Pressure bearing: ≤0.7Mpa
  • Daili efficiency:≤55% (≤42% in winter)
  • Haistone resistance: Dia≤25mm.
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Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)

Flat plate Colector (FPC)

1. Quick heat generation.

Slow heat generation.

2. Heat absorbing surface is always perpendicular to the sun-rays because of the cylindrical collector glass tube. Hence peak absorbtion always.

The collector fins and tubes being flat, the incident sun-rays will be at 90 degrees only at noon. So the peak absorbtion is also only during this time.

3. Vaccum inside the collector tube reduces heat loss at night.

Heat loss will be more in collector panels at night.

4. Negligible scaling of tubes –can be cleaned manually (Inner dia 37 min). Consequent loss of efficiency is minimum.

Heavy scaling of copper tubes which cannot be cleaned manually as bore dia is 12.50mm, causing substantial loss in the efficiency of the system.

5. Satisfactory performance in cold conditions .

Performance falls significantly on cloudy and winter days.

6. Increment in temperature from ambient temperature is 100c to 500c on clear sunny days.

Increment in temperature from ambient temperature is 100c to 400c on clear sunny days.

7. Advanced technology at a competitive price.

Outdated technology, high price.

7. Less area required for installation.

Unit occupies huge area.

8. Incase of collector tubes damage, tubes can be replaced individually.

Entire glass has to be replaced in case of damage, high cost for replacement.
SOLAR WATER HEATER (Flat Plate Collector Model)
Our solar water heaters are specially designed to meet all kinds of industrial and domestic applications. It is very easy to control and offering high efficiency and durability. We provide additional Electrical backup coil to solar heater for use during rainy season. We manufacture these solar heaters with varied capacities according to the demands of the clients. "MEGAPOWER" Solar water heaters can be maintained at a lower cost.
We offer wide range capacities of Solar Water Heaters to suit the requirements of domestic users, Commercial institutions and Industrial companies.
Absorber fin material Copper
Header material Copper
Riser material Copper
Absorber coating Selective coated ‘NALSUN’ 
Box material Aluminum extrusion, ANODIZED for corrosive /Coastal/ Saline area protection
Collector insulation Rock wool pads for side & bottom.
Flanges Brass, round with four bolt holes.
Glass Toughened glass, 4mm thick
Sealing EPDM rubber
Gaskets EPDM rubber
Hardware Stainless steel screws
Reflector foil Aluminum, 50 microns
Box Dimensions 2025mm x 1025mm x 95mm
Aperture area 2.08 sq.m
Number of risers 9 nos
Header size 25.4 mm.
Protrusion inside the header 2mm
Connecting nuts, bolts & washers Stainless steel-304
Connecting gaskets EPDM. Punched.
Collectors (Qty)  
Protective Coating Aluminums ANODIZED frames, with special coating
Capacity  125 LPD capacities and their multiples
Collector Type Copper Tube (Black-Chrome Coated)
Hot water Tank SS/ GI 3mm, 14/16 SWG (Optional - Heat Exchanger model is available for both Cold and Warm Regions)
Electric Back-up Heater Available for Cloudy /Rainy Season
Max. Handling pressure 4 bar
Life of system 20 – 25 years
Common Trouble Shooting for Solar Water Heater

Problems - Water is not hot in the sunny

Reasons -

  1. There is shadow of cloud, dust or building above the solar water heater collector
  2. The valve for running water is broken.


  1. Remove the covering or change the installation position

Problem - Tank can not fully feed up

Reason -

  • 1. Low pressure running water
  • 2. Pipe leakage
  • 3. Tank leakage.

Solution -

  1. Add a set of pump
  2. Replace the pipes.
  3. Replace the tank.

Problem - Tank leakage

Reason -

  1. The seal is broken or the tank is skew
  2. The inner tank is chapped.

Solution -

  1. Replace seals or reinstall,make the tank connect well with vacuum tubes
  2. Replace the tank.

Problem - Chameleonic hot or cold when do shower

Reason -

  1. Un-steady running water pressure

Solution -

  1. Add a feed tank,it can store the cold water and make the pressure stable.
  2. Use automatic high temperature valve.

Problem - No hot water in winter

Reason -

  1. The pipe for inlet or outlet is frozen.
  2. The weather is too cold.
  3. Heat preservation of the pipe is not well enough.

Solution -

  1. Turn to dealer or the manufactures for help(the cost fees paid)
  2. Using the assistant heating devices.(buy it from the dealer/manufacture)
Trouble Shooting of Solar Water Heater
Problem faced Probable cause and remedies
No water in tap
  1. No cold water supply
  2. Wall at the outlet of system closed
  3. Air lock in the pipes
Water not heated at all, although cold water flow is normal
  1. Consumption of hot water may be too high; Check use points and use pattern
  2. Collector may be shaded
  3. No flow of water through the Collector
    as it might be choked due to scaling;
    Get it checked from the manufacturer
Water not hot enough or sufficient quantity of hot water is not available
  1. Cloudy weather
  2. Consumption too high
  3. Frequent on off of hot water tap
  4. Collector dirty
  5. Vapour lock in the collector which can be removed by allowing it to cool & draining the system
  6. Partial choking of the collector

Little quantity of
boiling hot water
is received

  1. Vapour locking in the collector
  2. Pinched inlet/outlet pipes
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